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Offer yourself a "Workation"

Today I was talking to a helpdesk employee on the phone. She told me she had to work (again) from home, and that she hates it. Not organized at all, no separation between work and private life, and for an indefinite time. All that in that typical gray Belgian autumn weather….

Are you also one of those many executives who have been working from home at least a few days a week for the last couple of months? When you are lucky, you have a professional home office. If not, you take over the kitchen table or the dining table. Or can you find your accommodation in an attic room where you have conquered your place among things that only distract you?

Have you ever thought about giving yourself a “workation” as a present? Because all you need to do your job is WiFi and 4G. This means you can ultimately work from any location. Why not alternate and temporarily relocate to a quiet place? Enjoy clean air, breathtaking views, and the possibility to take adequate work breaks with a walk in nature, a stretching on the terrace, or an organic tea under an olive tree. Impossible, do you think?

With The Solano Experience, you can book several days in the magical tranquility of the Andalusian mountains. It is a place that gives you energy, stimulates your creativity and initiative. And which offers an excellent basis for doing your online work — alternated with a relaxation that is true relaxation.

Take a look at the website and book a few days now. The only risk: you will not want to leave ...

PS: our location is virtually corona-free. When you return to Belgium, you do not have to be quarantined, and you do not have to have a test taken. This can be done via the self-evaluation form that has been in place since the end of September. Feel free to contact me at 0032 475 64 58 08 for more information. If you fly in from another county, please check your national guidelines.

PS2: You fly to Malaga Airport. Once there, everything will be arranged for you. So just do it!

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