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The FLOW Experience

Live your life fully - At all times!


Build resilience, build confidence, lower your stress level, and fully live your life. Tap into your full potential. Create FLOW awareness, get insights, strategies, tools, and rituals. All the learnings are easily applicable in your daily personal and professional life.


We support your FLOW momentum by our FLOW apps, our FLOW community, and individual coaching or check-in sessions if you wish to.


  • FLOW awareness

​You know that state we’re in when we act with razor-sharp focus, our confidence is overwhelmed with certainty, our body and mind adapt to the situation effortlessly? This state is not elusive, this state is not mystical, it’s called the flow state.

  • Building a FLOW personality

We will go through the basic mapping of the flow personality and outline the basic components needed to effectively facilitate its gradual build-up.

  • Merge with what you are doing

  • Experience an altered perception of time 

  • Be completely involved in what you are doing

  • Gain active control of the flow

  • Learn how playfulness leads to trust and creativity

  • Contain your inner critic

  • Act spontaneously, in absence of fear

  • Develop the FLOW personality traits

  • Embody the FLOW alignments

We will present to you the four main channels of FLOW triggers.  We will explore how we can become totally immersed in the present experience and establish a mentally and emotionally safe inner perception framework.

  • Learn the internal strategies that draw your attention into the deep now and keep you there

  • Actively seek and maintain the optimal state of experience

  • Improve performance in real-time

  • Harness the power of your whole body and feel unstoppable

  • Adopt the FLOW mindset

Rewire the way you think to be aligned with the characteristics of flow. If we want to find FLOW frequently, we must first adopt the flow-fit mindsets

  • Push your boundaries

  • Take your performance or skill beyond your goal

  • Reach innate levels of excellence

  • See your dreams become reality



  • Centering & grounding

  • Journalling

  • Gratitude

  • Tea ceremony

  • Essential oils - aromatherapy

You can book this 3-day FLOW Experience together with The Solano Experience. Contact us for more information or for booking this formula.

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