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The Nature Fix Experience

Restore your balance - Change your life


Immerse yourself in nature, in stillness, and in beauty. Explore, stand still, look, listen, breathe, feel, discover, ...

Guided by your personal local guide, who knows the area like no one else, you will reconnect with nature, and with yourself. 

Break out of your comfort zone, take the time to meditate or try new rituals during your walks, supported by what nature has to offer you, and initiated by your personal coach.

The walks will be selected based on your hiking experience, your fitness level, the weather conditions, and the season. Make sure to bring good hiking gear (shoes, rainproof clothing) We take care of your packed breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You can book this 3-day Nature Fix Experience together with The Solano Experience. Contact us for more information or for booking this formula.

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